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Andrew Thurber
(Graduate Student)
Email: athurber @ ucsd.edu
Phone: (858) 534-3579
Fax: (858) 822-0562
Address: 9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, California 92093-0218
Current Research: My research here focused on elucidating the role of microbial biomass in metazoan food webs and the impact this has on biogeochemical cycling. Currently, I am trying to develop a lipid based technique that would allow archaeal biomass to be identified in metazoan diets using cold-seep ecosystems as a model.
Other Research Interests: Benthic ecology; Antarctic, deep-sea, and reducing ecosystems; biogeochemical processes; bentho-pelagic coupling; biogeography of invertebrates; microbial processes; invertebrate taxonomy.
Education: B.S. in Marine Biology-2001-Hawaii Pacific University
M.S. in Marine Science-2005-Moss Landing Marine Labs/CSU, Stanislaus


"Peer reviewed literature"

Levin L.A., G. Mendoza, J. Gonzalez, P. McMillan, A. Thurber, E. Cordes, Accepted. Diversity of bathyal macrobenthos on the northeastern Pacific margin: the influence of methane seeps and oxygen minimum zones. Marine Ecology.

Thurber, A.R., K. Kroger, C. Neira, H. Wiklund, L.A. Levin, In Press. Stable isotope signatures and methane use by New Zealand cold seep benthos. Marine Geology.

Glover A.G., C.R. Smith, S.L. Minks, P.Y. Sumida, and A. Thurber, 2008. Temporal and spatial variability in macrofaunal abundance and community structure on the West Antarctic Peninsula continental shelf. Deep-Sea Research II 55:2491-2501.

Thurber A.R., 2007, Diets of Antarctic sponges: links between the pelagic microbial loop and benthic metazoan food web. Marine Ecology Progress Series 351:77-89

Kim S.L., A. Thurber, K. Hammerstrom and K. Conlan, 2007. Seastar response to organic enrichment in an oligotrophic polar habitat. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 346:66-75.

Kim S.L. and A. Thurber, 2007, Comparison of seastar (Asteroidea) fauna across island groups of the Scotia Arc. Polar Biology.30:415-425.

Detrich H.W., C.D. Jones, S. Kim, A.W. North, A. Thurber, and M.Vacchi, 2005. Nesting behavior of the icefish Chaenocephalus aceratus at Bouvetoya Island, Southern Ocean. Polar Biology 28:828-832.

”Gray literature” and Technical reports

Thurber A., K. Kroger, R. Martin, L. Zemke-White, and S. Boyd, 2007. Foraminiferal and Metazoan Biology. In: Bialas J., J. Greinert, P. Linke, O.Pfannkucke (eds.) FS Sonne Cruise Report SO 191 New Vents. Leibniz-Institute of Marine Sciences, IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany. Pp120-122.

Kim S., A. Thurber, R. Mooi, S. Lockhart and R. Rowley, 2003. Benthic Invertebrate Bycatch. In: Lipsky, J.D. (ed.) AMLR 2002/2003 Field Season Report. Objectives, Accomplishments and Tentative Conclusions. Souwthwest Fisheries Science Center. La Jolla, CA. pp.144-157.

Welschmeyer N.A., L. Younan, A. Thurber and G. Wagner, 2003. Phytoplankton, biodiversity, and invasive species in Elkhorn Slough. In: Carless, J. Ecosystem Observations for the Monterey bay National Marine Sanctuary 2003. Monterey National Marine Sanctuary, Monterey, CA. pp. 13-14.

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Updated September 6, 2009
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