Lily Simonson
Email: lilysimonson@gmail.com
About Lily:

My large-scale oil paintings of marine invertebrates explore the intersection of art and science. I frequently work with the Levin Lab to observe, draw, and paint deep sea specimens, and recently joined the San Diego Coastal Expedition to observe and depict freshly collected fauna. My paintings have been shown in galleries around the US and Europe, exposing humanities-oriented audiences to the strange and unfamiliar world of the deep. In addition to engaging traditional art audiences, I have delivered lectures and shown my paintings at scientific symposia including the Census of Marine Life Summit at the Royal Society of London and the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity in Aberdeen. My art and writing have been featured in a range of media outlets, including the LA Times, LA Weekly, MTV, the Art21 Blog, and Ms. Magazine. I received a BA in Art from UC Berkeley and an MFA in painting from UCLA. I have taught painting and drawing at the Norton Simon Museum, UC Berkeley, and CSU Pomona.

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Updated February 26, 2018
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