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Serena Moseman
Bonnie Becker (Former Graduate Student)
Email: serenaebe @ aol.com
Phone: (858) 231-4842

384 Woods Hole Road
Quissett Campus
Woods Hole, MA, 02543



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Serena's CV.

Thesis Research: Interactions between nitrogen fixers and vascular plants in southern California wetlands: the role of anthropogenic disturbance and microbial diversity.
Other Research Interests: -Relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function
-Functional implications of positive interspecific interactions
-Effect of biogenic sediment structures on microbial diversity and activity, Ecosystem engineering
-Anthropogenic effects (pollution, habitat degradation) on marine ecosystems
-Consequences of M. senhousia invasion for microbial communities in Mission Bay
Education: B.S. degree in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution at U.C. San Diego
Professional Experience: Award for Best Poster in Ecology at Society for Achevement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science; Oral presentations at Benthic Ecology Meeting 2002, Western Society of Naturalists 2003, and UCSD Academic Achievement Symposium; UCSD Summer Bridge Math and Science Facilitator, UCSD Student Support Services Tutor in Chemistry and Biology, Teaching Assistant Evaluator for the Center of Teaching Development at UCSD; Aquarist Assistant at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, Oral Presentation at ASLO 2005 (Salt Lake City), Member of SIO Diversity Recruitment Committee (2004-present) and SIO Teaching Evaluation Committee (2005).

Moseman, S.M., Levin, L.A., Currin, C., and C. Forder. 2004. Colonization and succession of macrobenthic assemblages in a restored wetland at Tijuana Estuary, California. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science 60 (4):755-770.

Moseman, S.M. 2007. Opposite diel patterns of nitrogen fixation associated with salt marsh plant species (Spartina foliosa and Salicornia virginica) in southern California. Marine Ecology 28(2): 276-287.

Founding member of first Latino graduate student association at UCSD. Messageboard may be found at http://ucsdgrads.wikidot.com/rgsa or e-mail: rgsa_de_ucsd@yahoo.com

CV avaliable for download here.


Friendship Marsh in Tijuana Estuary: Site of ongoing comparison between nitrogen fixation in restored and natural marshes.

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Updated September 17, 2008
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