Natasha Gallo
(Graduate Student)
Email: ndgallo@ucsd.edu
Phone: (404) 574-8309
Fax: (858) 822-0562
Address: 9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, California 92093-0208
Background: I'm a first year Ph.D. student in the Biological Oceanography Department and an IGERT fellow in Global Change, Marine Ecosystems, and Society. After graduating from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in 2011, I spent a year working as a research tech, first briefly at the Roscoff Marine Biological Station in France and then in the Pringle Lab at Stanford University. Globally, ocean oxygen content is decreasing due in large part to climate change. I'm interested in how the synergistic effects of warming, pH decrease, and deoxygenation shape biological communities in the ocean and drive speciation and evolution. So far, I've had the opportunity to work on another very interesting project. I've been studying how deep-sea biological communities change with depth by analyzing the HD footage from James Cameron's DEEPSEA CHALLENGER dives to the New Britain Trench and to the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench (the deepest spot in the ocean!) This winter, I look forward to getting my feet wet aboard the R/V Melville on my very first research cruise as part of the San Diego Coastal Expedition (bit.ly/sdcoastex).
Research Interests:
- impact of expanding oxygen minimum zones on fisheries and fish assemblages
- incorporating climate change into fisheries management plans
- oxygen minimum zones as drivers of speciation in the deep sea
- evolution of adaptation to hypHoxia, convergent evolution
- community responses to deoxygenation
- integrative ecophysiology
- effect of meltwater on water column stratification in the Arctic
- international responses to climate change
- using research to inform management decisions

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Gallo ND, Jeffery WR (2012) Evolution of Space Dependent Growth in the Teleost Astyanax mexicanus. PLoS ONE 7(8): e41443. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0041443

Cho, H., Kim, C., Liu, T., Certner, R., Gibbons, A., Miller, H., Parikh, N., Savranskaya-Gallo, N., Sun, A., Wooten, M., Sellner, K. (2012) Socio-economics of mitigating Chesapeake cyanobacteria blooms. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Harmful Algae: 255-257.


NSF IGERT Scholar in Global Change, Marine Ecosystems, and Society (2012 - present)
NSF Graduate Research Program Fellow (2012 - present)
Udall Scholar for Environmental Leadership (2010)


In the past, I've been lucky enough to work in some amazing places, including Sydney, Australia and Roscoff, France. These photos are from Roscoff, a 15th century French town where I studied siphon regeneration in Ciona intestinalis under the guidance of Dr. William Jeffery. I love to travel and I hope my graduate studies will open the door to many more international adventures!

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Updated February 26, 2018
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